RPE 240 AX

The blister Machine RPE 240 Ax is a high performance machine that processes upto 300 packs per minute suitable for all conceivable solid products.

The RPE 240 Ax is a continuous rotary filling and rotary sealing machine for standard blisters containing symmetrical products such as round tablets, capsules which can be handled by a vibratory feeder and fill channel.

This method of packaging with continuous feeding and rotary sealing ensures the greatest handling and most affluent production process.


  • Flat Forming & rotary sealing Alu Alu /Alu PVC machine.
  • The Servo motors help in intelligent control, high speed and high torque for Alu- Alu.
  • Specially designed forming station for front loading and quick tool changeover.
  • Guide track re-positioned to avoid accidental tablet re-entry inside the machine.
  • Fully guarded, Compact design, Tool less change over.
  • Specially designed quick clamping for PVC reel feed assembly & splicing device for PVC Cutting and for rejoining.
  • Redesigned quick pneumatic web holding mechanism in Punch Indexing Roller
  • HMI (Human Machine Interface) with touch screen relocation in a user-friendly position.
  • PLC (Programmable Logic Controller
  • The Compact & intelligent Power Panel
  • Display of text and graphics with up to QVGA resolution
  • Simple operator terminals
  • Powerful Geode LX800 processor with 500 MHz clock frequency
  • Equipped with 2 USB interfaces and a fast Ethernet port for exchanging data

Technical Specification

Max Machine Speed(Packs) : 300 / minute
Maximum Forming area : 110x202 mm
Minimum Forming area : 30x140 (min)
Maximum Forming Depth : 10 mm
Maximum Reel Diameter : 440 mm
Maximum Lidding Foil Width : 204 mm
Maximum Base Material Width : 208 mm
Maximum Core Diameter : 70 mm

Utilities Specification

Connected Load(KW) : 7.5 KW
Cooling water consumption : 120 Ltr/hr
Air Pressure Consumption : 7.5 CFM
Net weight (Approx.) : 900 Kg

Machine Dimensions

Machine Length : 1850 mm
Machine Width : 925 mm
Machine Height : 1750 mm

Flooring Dimensions

Length : 3200 mm
Width : 1500 mm
Height : 2000 mm