Ultra 900 is a high speed Alu Alu & Alu PVC Blister Packing Machine.

The production Line is suitable for high speed alu pvc packing of medicines, especially capsules, tablets and sugar-coated tablets.

It is equipped with auto vision system and rejection device.


  • Flat forming & Flat Sealing Alu Alu & Alu PVC machine
  • High speed machine with 200 to 300 pack punches/min
  • All parametrical changes can be done through the HMI with multiple level of password protection
  • Servo motors incorporated help in intelligent control and high speed operation
  • Improved heating system for forming
  • Improvised feeding system for high speed operation
  • Specially designed forming station for front loading and quick tool change over.
  • Special splicing device for base material for cutting and rejoining
  • Splice detection for base and lidding foil with tablet locking
  • Tool less product change over can be done within minutes
  • Specially designed quick clamping for base and lidding materials
  • Fully guarded with electrical interlocking
  • cGMP standard
  • Automation Panel PC of size 15.6", HD, touch screen, Ip65
  • GPRS enabled Router for online software support and notification Feature (SMS)

  • Packaging Material Specification

    Base Foil: PVC opaque/ transparent(thermo formable), non toxic PVC with PVDC/ Tri laminate & Aluminum (cold formable)
    Lidding Foil: 110 Aluminum (hard) tempered with heat-sealable coating or Glassine Paper with heat sealable coating.

Technical Specification

Maximum punching speed : 200 to 300 punches/min (product specific)
Maximum forming speed : 40 to 70 cycles/min (product specific)
Maximum forming area : 200x300 mm
Maximum base foil width : 300 mm
Maximum lidding foil width : 296 mm
Maximum forming depth : 13 mm

Utilities Specification

Connected Load : 30 KW
Average power consumption : 15 KW (Approx.)
Cooling water consumption : 200-250 Ltr/hr
Compressed air : 26 CFM
Net weight : 3200 Kg (Approx.)

Machine Dimensions

Machine Length : 4700 mm
Machine Width : 1200 mm
Machine Height : 2350 mm

Flooring Dimensions

Length : 5680 mm + 2%
Width : 3635 mm + 2%
Height : 3650 mm + 2%